Temar Boggs A Real Hero
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Darryl Green- Chicago
Why no justice? Where is Sharpton & Obama?
Facebook & Soros Teaming Up ?
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Got your obama phone?
You're paying the obamaphone bills
Acorn Getting Federal Dollars Again
Obama's Muslim Brotherhood Brother & Lois Lerner
Washington Still Sucking Up Ammo
DHS 'Deferred' Deportation of 430,000 Illegals
VA Gives Bonuses For Poor Performance
VA Pays $11K Bonus to Surgeon Who Abandons Patient
Justice Department? Sues Louisiana to Keep Kids in Failing Schools
Egyptian Media Portray Obama As satan
Benghazi Security Officer Reported 'Terrorist Attack' Within Moments
Dreamer Website Teaches Illegals How To Lie Successfully
Islamists Killl 5 Christians In Nigeria Because of Their Faith
Classroom Chaos? Common Core
Internet Privacy & Security Defeated
Homicides In Chicago
Feinstein Says Stop Deporting Illegals
Obamacare Secretly a Bailout of State & Local Governments
National Park Service Makes Video on islam's Contributions to Women's Rights
IRS Obamacare Fund loses $67 Million
U.S. Gov't Buying Up AK-47 Rifles
Kerry Signs UN Arms Treaty
Reid on saving 1 Cancer Child "Why would we do that?"
Iranian Military Official:Says Obama Has Surrendered
Google Accused of Illegal Wiretapping
Border Patrol Says "Feds Cooking The Books" on Immigration
Fed Judge says Fast & Furious Suit Can Proceed
Banks Can Take Your Money
Ranger reveals shutdown orders
Pack of Black Youth Terrorize City
Parks Shut the Govt.DOES NOT Fund
Obama can play while others suffer
Florida City Demands Residents Take Down "God Bless America" Signs
Obama Denies Mass To Catholics
Illegal Immigrants Break Many Laws
Amnesty Rally on National Mall
(But Not WW II Vets)
Park Service Removes Handles from Water Fountains
IRS official Gave Confidental Info. To White House?
Food Stamp "Free for All"
Vets Dump "Barrycades"
Riot Police Try to Block Vets
Who is Jeanne Lambrew
Obamacare Catastrophes Media Refuses to Cover
Homeland Security-$80 Million For Civil Distrubances
Army- Only 2 Brigades Ready to Fight
Holder Mass Killings-Diall 911 & Wait
Sebilus Not Signing Up For Obamacare
700 IRS Contractors Owe $5.4M
Christians Fight Back
Global Warming Getting Twice As Much $$ As Border Security
Soros & Corporations Push Amnesty
Fed Can Only FAIL
U.S. Warned Repeatedly of Benghazi Security Problem
Sebilus Does Not Work For Us
Common Core Infecting Schools
Obama Hates Christians
Criminal Terror Suit Against Obama
VA Stops Praying To Jesus
NSA Spy Boxes
ObamaCensus Bureau LIED
Obama Lied About Obamacare
Obama Credibility in Toilet
DHS Black Supremicist still getting paid by you
Obamacare Death Spiral
Media Matters Funded Obamacare Deceit
Secret Iran Deal with Valerie Jarrett?
Illegal Aliens Block Atlanta Deportation Office
Obama Removes God from Gettysburg Address
Woman Trapped by muslim marriage
Obama plans to 'Take America Down
2010-Obama Admin. Knew Millions To Lose Health Plans
obamacare Rules Hidden Til' After Election
Obamacare Navigators Encourage Fraud
Black Mob Violence
Hillary's 2016 Run Threatened
Hillary Tied To Terrorism
Saudi 9/11 Coverup
More Lies
Scientists Predict Global Cooling
Obama Worse Than Communist
Obama Spending YOUR Money
Illegals Demand In-State Tuition
On Cruz Control
IMF warns of 'savings tax'
Obama supporter to investigate IRS Tea Party Targeting
Black Mob Bryan, Texas
Tea Partiers "Way, way Crazier" says ...
See a Shrink, Lose Your Gun
Black Mob Breaks Man's Jaw
obama weaponizing IRS
Tea Party - Future of America
Benghazi Eyewitness Says Terrorism
Hamas Trains 13,000 Teens for Suicide
Benghazi Timeline
IRS Harasses Sarah Palin's Father
TX Taxpayers Pay Billions on Illegals
War on Tea Party
After $200 Million Afghani Soldiers Cannot Read
Tea Party-5 Years Of Victories
Bank Decides About Withdrawals?
Global Warming Hoax AGAIN
Justice? Department Sues Over muslim right to wear beard
Egyptian Islamists Murder Christian
Decapitated While Alive
Border Patrol Under Attack
Obama To Give Amnesty?
$400,000 For Pakistan Camel
What is Agenda 21 ?
obama promised electricity to skyrocket
Lerner Contacted DOJ
Tea Party Patriots Sue IRS
Obama Considered a Liar
Blood Moon Sign From God
Texas vs BLM?
$6 Billion Missing at State Dept.
DHS To Buy 25 million Shotgun Shells
Tenn. imam preaches HATE
28 Year abortion suit
State Dept. Amassing Explosives
EPA Hides Secret Data
Obamacare Workers Do Nothing
Christians Stabbed Near Bethlehem
36,000 Criminal Illegals Free
Illegals Surge Under Obama
obamacare Website Served 1 on Day 1
Soros Dark $$ Secret Revealed
Common Core Craziness
VA Lack of Care
Americans Attacking Americans?
Temple Texas VA Like Crime Syndicate
obama Military Attack U.S. Citizens?
Illegals Released At Bus Stations
Worst Prison Break In History
YOU PAY For Sex Changes
obama Admin.Like MAFIA
Sum Ting Wong Chinese illegals
IRS Lying?
Armenian Illegals
Hillary Took Me Through Hell
Archivist - IRS Not Follow Law
VA Makes Dead Patients Live
Virus of a Mad Scientist?
Diseases of Illegals
obamacare hiring & hiding criminals
Benghazi Delayed Response
Marijuana for Food Stamps OK with HHS
100,000 Haitans to US without Visas
US A Muslim Country says Obama
No Screening for 2000 West Africans
Ballot Box casts GOP votes for Democrats
Episcopal Church Goes Muslim, LBGT
Does Your Water Taste Different?
Islam's 20-Year Plan For U.S.
Sim Heist
DOJ-No Contempt For Lerner
You Pay--Illegals by Plane
God Sends Plague?
Over 1/2 Million SS Numbers To Illegals
ISIS Near El Paso
Uranium 1 Clinton Deal
Wisconsin Shame
Tax Dollars To Get Illegals To Naturalize
New Warfare in Colorado
IRS Holds 6,400 Lerner emails
Illegall Criminal Accusation