Events 2016
Texas Senate  District 24 Forum
Events January 12, 2016, January 19, 2016 and February 2, 2016 at Beautiful Tenroc Ranch
Dr. Dawn Buckingham
Jon Cobb
Ryan Downton
Susan King
Dr. Brent Mayes
Reed Williams
Texas House District Candidates 55 & 54 Forum
Molly White
State Representative
HD 55
HD 55
Hugh Shine
Lynn Woolley
HD 54
Larry Smith
Dr. David Ruiz
February 2, 2016 at TENROC
*Note the location change to TENROC
Bell Co. Sheriff
Fred Churchill,
County Commissioner
Bill Schumann
Scott Cosper
Harry Macey III
Frank Hernandez
Eddy Lange
426th District Judge
Jeff Parker
Fancy Jezek
Virginia Leeder - invited did not respond
Sandra Blankenship - invited no response
Lan Carter - invited no response
February 16, 2016 at Magnolia House at Cathedral Oaks
Precinct 1
Precinct 3
Richard Cortese
Michael D. Moon
Lloyd Charping
Russell T. Schneider

CTTP Monthly Meeting - 7:00 PM
Our guest speaker was Cathie Adams who is past-President of Texas Eagle Forum and currently on the board of the national Eagle Forum.  Her presentation at our meeting was a discussion of  "Why Immigration is the Number ONE Issue in This Presidential Election". Cathie has traveled literally world-wide promoting conservative values.  In addition to being a veteran activist for many years, she has served in various roles at the local, district, state and national levels.

CTTP Monthly Meeting - 7:00 PM
Our guest speaker will be Dave Heckert who is a member of Texas Border Volunteers speaking on illegal immigration.
Laura Presley - Cracking the Code - Electronic Voting Machine Corruption in Texas.
In 2014, Dr. Laura Pressley ran for the Austin City Council to bring fiscal accountability to the Austin City budget. She noticed irregularities and that state mandated electronic voting election back-up records were missing, and the computer tabulation of electronic votes were not credible.  As a candidate, she has filed a historic election contest challenging the results of her Runoff race that occurred in December 16, 2014.   She presents details of how Travis County and other counties in Texas are violating the Texas Constitution and Texas Election laws and how we can ensure that honest, fair and verifiable elections happen in Texas. 
Dr. Pressley is a native Texan and was raised in Mansfield.  She earned her Ph.D. in Chemistry from UT Austin and was an engineer and business manager in the semiconductor industry for 17 years.  She holds four US patents and is the co-author of numerous peer reviewed scientific articles related to semiconductor device technology.  She is also an entrepreneur and has worked with the Texas Eagle Forum and the Texas Legislature on science and technology issues. 
Dr. Pressley has served on the Executive Committees of several boards such as the Travis County Battered Women’s shelter, is Editor of her neighborhood newsletter and has been President and Treasurer of her neighborhood associations.  She has appeared on the CBS Early Show, Good Morning Austin, and has testified as a citizen’s advocate to the City Council, and the Texas Senate and House

CTTP Christmas Party & Auction