Events 2014
Lt. Governor Forum
Texas Comptroller Forum
The Lt. Governor of Texas is the President of the Texas Senate.  He presides over the Senate and thus has sway over all of it's Legislative activities.
Introduction & Question & Answer of Runoff Candidates for Bell County District Clerk
Sid Miller
Tommy Merritt
Not attending after acceptance
Candidates for Texas Agriculture Commissioner Meet
with Central Texas Tea Party at Cathedral Oaks in Belton , Texas
Molly White
Empty Chair of Rep. Sheffield
Molly White Debates Empty Chair
State Rep. Sheffield Refuses To Debate
David Dewhurst
Candidates for Texas Lt. Governor
Meet at Tenroc Ranch with Central Texas Tea Party
Beautiful Tenroc Ranch is at 5471 Thomas Arnold Rd.
Salado, Texas
Cost is $10 at the door
Dan Patrick
Tenroc Gateway
Tenroc Ranch
Karen Watson
Hugh Shine
Hugh Shine is Managing Director-Investments of the Shine Richardson Investment Group. Hugh has been a trusted Financial Advisor since 1983. He has a BA from Sam Houston State University, MBA from Baylor University, and Investment Associate Certificate from Wharton School of Business and a Masters in Strategic Studies from the U.S. Army War College.
Hugh adopted the Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) investment process during his studies at Baylor University and applies the theory of efficient portfolios in the development and execution of investment strategies for his clients. The Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) was developed by Harry Markowitz, Merton Miller and William Sharpe and in 1990 they shared a Nobel Prize for their work. The theory sets forth the design of investment portfolios to provide the highest available expected return for a specified level of risk. Hugh's expertise is optimizing portfolios through the implementation of the theory by bringing money managers together representing different asset classes, appropriate diversification, non-correlation of investment sectors and style. The portfolio construction process is the blending of these parameters to help reduce portfolio volatility. Through on-going due diligence, performance monitoring and rebalancing, portfolios may stay focused on the client's investment strategy and objectives.
The Shine Richardson Investment Group of Wells Fargo Advisors is anchored by Hugh, who manages over $475 million in cash and financial assets for individuals, trusts, non-profit organizations, retirement plans, profit sharing plans and corporations. In 2013 and 2014, Hugh was named a Premier Advisor with Wells Fargo Advisors, a designation held by a select group of Financial Advisors who have attained a superior level of achievement based on several factors, including revenue generation, educational attainment and client-based best practices. Hugh serves as the Branch Manager for the Temple office.

A Texan and resident of Central Texas since 1977, Hugh was a Master Army Aviator who completed 30 years of combined military service in the U.S. Army and Texas National Guard retiring at the rank of Colonel in July 2004, completing his career as the Aviation Brigade Commander for Texas' 49th Armored Division. He served in the Texas State House of Representatives from 1986-1991 and was an elected member of the Temple City Commission prior to his legislative service. Hugh also received a Presidential Appointment by President Reagan and served as a presidential advisor to the President on his Intergovernmental Advisory Council on Education.
County Commissioner Bill Schumann