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Vacation Liberty School June 2013
 August 20, 2013
Congressman John Carter
       Townhall Event
Congressman Carter       Plus Free Movie
Free Movie: They Come To America II
October 2013 JoAnn Flemming
JoAnn Fleming
The Central Texas TEA Party Presents:
Jihad on the Southern Border             
-history of Hamas and -infiltration of jihadists
Hezbollah in Central  through South and Central
and South America into the US
-coordination between drug-the number of Latinos
cartels and terrorist groups converting to Islam

Border Patrol Report:
...documented members of Al Qaeda and Columbian Cathedral Oaks
guerilla groups discussing the use of Mexican Islamist 1312 Waco Road
converts to infiltrate the U.S. across the SouthwestBelton, Texas
border. The report concluded that if you want to
conduct another operation after 9-11, you don’t want 
people to know who you are. And the best way to Tuesday, September 17th, 2013
be anonymous is to come across the border. 7:00 P.M.
(Janice Kephart, Councel to the 9-11 Commission)  Donations will be accepted

The presenter is a US Army veteran, former instructor in Middle East Studies with operational experience in Bosnia, Egypt, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Pakistan and Afghanistan.  He is currently a member of the Texas Border Volunteers.

September 2013
Pastor Rusty Thomas Discusses "Lower Magistrate Doctrine"