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Notice to all CTTP members:

4/18/2017 -- Central Texas Tea Party (CTTP) has been taken over by members and sympathizers of the John Birch Society (JBS) as of last night's meeting.

Various websites (see below) describe JBS as a "radical right" organization and encourage their members to  "Join your local P.T.A. at the beginning of the school year, get your conservative friends to do likewise, and go to work to take it over."

The above appears to be the way radical and subversive organizations work -- get in an organization, work their way into a leadership position, and take it over.

Prior to the current CTTP Board, the CTTP President appointed
the president of the local John Birch Society as Nominating Chair for Board Members.  She contacted her committee only one time, and after two months, and at the last minute, she came up with only JBS members as nominees for vacancies.  Then, when the CTTP President was asked directly, he admitted that he was also a long-time member of JBS.

Be careful of those nominating leaders or in leadership positions; they may be attempting to subvert your organization.

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